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 About Kelly Motorsport

Our Team

We at Kelly Motorsport are a family run team that compete in both gravel & tarmac events throughout Ireland and abroad .  With ongoing support from sponsors etc. we now have 2 identical MK2 Escorts both of which are GRP4 spec and aptly named “BABY BLUE”


Recently and in previous years the team have been lucky  enough to travel as far afield as New Zealand and Australia  as well as many European events in order to compete on both surfaces and experience how other events compare to those of Irish rallying. 

During these events and at home, Lauren has taken up the position of co-driver on a more permanent basis.

As a 'club-man' outfit, Kelly Motorsport run on a fairly tight budget, but have managed to secure regular sponsorship which has proved  invaluable to the progression  of the team enabling upgrades to be done to both cars to keep them current with the competition.


Frank (driver) takes care of all of pre-event preparation work and any rebuilds or developments required.  In the service area  of any event, don't be surprised to see him working at the car as he prefers to be "hands on  "


Merchandise is looked after by Rosemarie (Frank's wife) and is available to purchase from most events as well as from the online shop through our website.


Lauren (co-driver) also takes care of the media side of things.  She operates L K Media, and is responsible for uploading footage from most of the events and posting it onto YouTube as well as looking after the teams Instagram & Twitter pages.

Co Driver

  Frank Kelly

Moy, Co Tyrone

 Lauren Kelly

              Moy, Co Tyrone

Lauren .jpg

"The Gruesome Twosome"

About "Baby Blue"
Frank & Lauren.JPG


(Group 4 Spec)


Engine: 2.5ltr Series 2+



Gearbox: Samsonas

6 speed sequential


Axle: Atlas Casing

Gripper LSD  4.4 CWP


Suspension: DMS

4 way adjustable shocks all round


Brakes: Alcon  4 pots front, 2 pots rear - CL brake pads


Wheels: GRP4 Revolutions


Fuel: Panta Race Fuel

Meet the Team

Frank Kelly

Driver/Chief Mechanic


Lauren Kelly

Co-Driver & L K Media


Rosemarie Kelly


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