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        "Best International 2wd!!


2014 marked the "25th anniversary" of Sol Rally Barbados, so it was a real privilege for Kelly Motorsport to be competing among the locals along with 33 overseas crews at this premier international event.


It kicked off with the Scotiabank King of the Hill the weekend before the main event.  Co-driver was none other than Robert Cadiz (Trinidad) who had only witnessed this event from the sidelines as a spectator, but seemed well up for the challenge.  The pair finished 3rd in class and 17th overall which was then used to seed them in the main rally the following weekend.


Rally Barbados commenced with a night time super special in the grounds of the newly refurbished Bushy Park which played host to the Top Gear Festival the week before.


Below are some of the statments made by the pair following SS1.


Frank King of the hill done and dusted. Recce next week then the real rally! Baby blue behaving well and good to go.


Never thought I'd be saying these words but we are ready to start Sol Rally Barbados 2014. Super special completed tonight in one piece. No heroics from Robbie and I. Cruised around (a little sideways at times) so day two it is in the morning. Thanks for all the messages of support and here's hoping for a safe and enjoyable (and sideways) weekend!


Robbie SS1 through the new track at Bushy Park, dark, slippery and it should be!!



Days 2 & 3 saw a very high attrition rate with crews going out on mechanical breakdowns, conditions were very tricky and thankfully despite a few drops of rain, team Kelly seemed to stay out of trouble and drove to finish the event a remarkable 11th overall, 3rd o/a in 2wd and 2nd in class.  To top it off, they came away with "best international 2wd crew".  A fantastic result for a 1st attempt. 


No doubt this has set the bar for a repeat visit to the island, so here's looking forward to a very interesting and sideways 2015!

Some in-car footage, courtesy of  Robert Cadiz

         (to view, please select HD Quality)

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